Dear voters, I give you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the 2,650 souls who voted for me, Mahalo and thank you again, my cup runneth over!  Let's get 'em next cycle!


For centuries, America was the greatest success story on earth, a nation of steady progress, dazzling achievement, and growing international power. That story threatens to end on our watch, crushed by the collapse of our institutions and the implosion of social trust. But trust can be rebuilt through the accumulation of small heroic acts—by the outrageous gesture of extending vulnerability in a world that is mean, by proffering faith in other people when that faith may not be returned. Sometimes trust blooms when somebody holds you against all logic, when you expected to be dropped. It ripples across society as multiplying moments of beauty in a storm.  David Brooks, The Atlantic

ISSUES AGENDA- Let's Change the World!

Re-Regulation of Media, Banking & Agriculture


Deregulation is the father of fascism.  In 1980, there were 9,000 companies listed on the NYSE, today there are 2,950. Overconsolidated, money & power are centralized.

Prosecute Corrupt Politicians, current & prior office holders


Elected officials are required by law and the constitution to act in the best public interest, many have proven unwilling to past and present. Some are also guilty of treason and should answer for their crimes.

Write Anti-trust laws with teeth


We can not allow chain monopolies in tech, media, banking or any other industry.



If we don't take care of mother Earth, where are we & our children going to live, let's do it right. Impose logical regulations. 

Hawaiian Economy


Repeal The Jones Act. Diversification projects in clean energy, infrastructure projects to prepare for effects of climate change. Maintain payroll protections, continue income stimulus programs for workers. Re-open tourism with managed Covid 19 protections. 

Tax Reform


Close loop holes on assets held overseas, make them income taxable whereever the assets are held. Raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations. 

Hawaiian Affairs


I support mandatory federal consultation with Native Hawaiian organizations on all relevant federal actions & processes. I will sponsor and / or support legislation to reauthorize the Native Hawaiian Healthcare Improvement Act, the Native Hawaiian Education Act & the full Native American Housing Assistance & Self-Determination Act.

Remove person-hood rights from corporations


 "Corporate Personhood" refers to the ongoing legal debate over the extent to which rights traditionally associated with natural persons should also be afforded to corporations. I do not believe they should.